Sunday, August 8, 2010


One of the most important things I've learned about selling on Etsy is that good photography is imperative. Lucky for me I have a boyfriend who is a photoshop pro, and he has been nice enough to help me out in this department. However, I can't always be dependent on him to get items posted to my shop so I decided to start playing around with it on my own. There are numerous tutorials online that explain every aspect of photoshop that you'll ever need to know. I already know some of the basic tools so I started out with a simple tutorial about curves. With curves you can adjust the contrast and brightness of an image which is a great place to start on improving its quality. Also, because I'm working with a simple product shot I decided that I needed to get creative with the crop in order to draw people's attention. Below you'll see before and after photos of one of my new hats. I definitely still have a ways to go on my photoshop skills but I'd say this is a decent start. What do you think?



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