Friday, May 27, 2011

My Paradise Awaits {Costa Rica}


tomorrow night at 11:30pm i'll be jetting off to magnificent Costa Rica!  for 12 glorious days i will explore the wilderness, zip line over waterfalls, and bask in the sun on pristine beaches.  my packing list consists of sun block, bathing suite, book, and an appetite.  and probably a lifetime supply of bug spray.  i'm a little concerned about the bug situation seeing as how i'm horrified of the teensy little arachnids that dwell here in LA.  i'm sure my predicted screeches will entertain a number of locals throughout my stay. but i shall face my fears and add another stamp to my passport.

i'm hoping to have internet access throughout my stay, and will do my best to post updates for all my wonderful followers.

may you all have a fantastic, and safe, holiday weekend!!

adios!!... for now :)

Monday, May 23, 2011

Rockarooz Is Going Granny!


one of my all-time favorite crochet styles has to be the classic old school granny square. i just can't help myself.  there's something about the granny square that's just flat out awesome.

maybe it's because it reminds me of my grandma who taught me how to make them when i was 8 years old.

maybe it's because you can make them in absolutely ANY color combination you could ever imagine.

or maybe it's because you can make just about anything with the always dependable, go-to granny square.  it's versatility is endless.

granny cushion covers {source}

no matter what you're making--a pillow, blanket, sweater, hat, or jewelry--the detail of the granny square brings its own special pop to every project.  i have to admit that sometimes the assembly step can get a little tedious, but the final product is always an amazing reward.

check out a few of these awesome granny square products available on Etsy.  and trust me, there are tons more.

motif cuff bracelet {source}
granny square earrings {source}

owl blanket {source}
granny square scarf {source}

rainbow granny square blanket {source}

aren't the colors fabulous??  i'm completely in love with the cuff bracelet by nothing but string.  i just might have to add it to my birthday wish list ;)

Friday, May 20, 2011

Creating Inspiration {Vol. 25}

i recently purchased a blogging magazine, which i'm loving, called Artful Blogging.  the magazine consists of multiple articles written by people who create visually inspiring online journals.

one of the articles in particular, written by Jessica Rose, caught my attention for a number of reasons.  she began her blog four years ago to help draw attention to her Etsy shop, Vol. 25.  i'm absolutely in love with her artwork.  the style and colors put me at ease, and the inspirational quotes bring a smile to my face.  she has so many wonderful pieces, but i think my ultimate favorite is "some see wishes".


this piece brings me back to my childhood when i used to close my eyes, blow on a dandelion, and pray that my wish would come true.  my dreams were big, my hopes were high, and i was determined to reach for the stars.  the joy and simplicity of it all warms my heart.

i'm so excited to have found Vol. 25.  being a fairly new blogger, and Etsy seller, it is important to find people who inspire me.  as much as i love what i'm doing with Rockarooz, sometimes it's hard to keep my head up.  i just have to remember to believe in myself and know that my hard work will pay off.  one day i hope to inspire someone else, as so many have inspired me.

go check out Jessica's blog here, and her Etsy shop here.  it'll brighten your spirit and bring cheer to your day.  i promise.

now, let me send you off with a couple more of my favorites.