Friday, April 8, 2011

WARNING: Kitchen Hazard

i'm not exactly sure what's happened, but it turns out i'm a complete hazard in the kitchen.  let me explain:

just a few weeks ago i was nearly impaled by my once trusty jack lallane juicer.  while happily tossing my fresh veggies into the juicer it began smelling funny and then burst into a small explosion.  a piece of the inside saucer broke off and shot through the spout.  luckily the piece was bigger than the spout thus saving me from impalement.  i chalked this one incident up to a rare case and went on my way until i jumped back in the kitchen yesterday.

i was really excited about experimenting with a couple new snack recipes but unfortunately things did not go as planned.  the veggie dip i attempted in the food processor never actually became a dip.  the food processor went kaput and left all the delicious ingredients sitting in their full form.  another appliance to the graveyard.

then i moved onto making some homemade veggie chips.  this unfortunately was a complete failure in every aspect.  the chips never "chipped" and instead cooked uneven and mushy.  while in the oven (not baking properly) the oven light burned out.  at least this one can be easily repaired, but after my other two fiascos my boyfriend has stated i am no longer allowed to touch any power food appliances.

cooking is usually so much fun, but when things don't go as planned it just turns out to be a pointless mess you've created and now you get to clean it up.  i did, however, broil some talapia that came out amazing, so i guess the day wasn't a total loss.

in the end, i think we can agree that i'm no iron chef.  i'll just stick to admiring their culinary talents through the television ;)

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  1. You poor thing! I've had things like that happen many times! But as they say, 'when you fall off the horse, get right back on'. Glad to hear you went on to success! I'm your newest follower, I'd love to have you visit me too. Have a great weekend, and consider wearing armor next time you venture into the kitchen!