Wednesday, February 2, 2011


i may have mentioned this in a previous post, but one of the most important things about selling online is good photography.  this may actually be THE most important element when selling online.  of course, good descriptions are a must as well!  when a buyer visits my site i understand that my photos and descriptions are the key elements in helping them decide weather or not to purchase an item.

this year i've decided to start taking my camera with me EVERYWHERE.  i've always loved photography and now it's time for me to start creating my own.  although i'm in the process of partnering up with a professional photographer to help me with my promotional photos, i would personally love to start taking photos of my items as well.  this will give me more independence and the ability to start posting items as i finish new designs.

i began my new photography project yesterday using my kitties (felix and fonzie) in the front yard as main subjects. (since i don't have kids they're always my go to's).  it was like my very own little "wildlife" photo shoot.

i'm looking forward to sharing photos of my new adventures throughout 2011... and together we'll see how well my photography skills improve.  fingers crossed!


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